BZ#1748495 The terminus font is no longer found by gvim, so text files come up with glyphs instead of characters.
BZ#1801548 Please review pull request and build terminus-fonts for Fedora 32

I have reset /var/dnf/system-upgrade/expired-repos.js to [] and simultaneously tried this new version of DNF. With that I was able to perform the offline upgrade from f26 to f27.

BZ#1492036 system-upgrade fails to connect to online mirrors during upgrade when caches are missing
Test Case base update cli

I replaced the version from my Open Build Service with this one and it works just as well as before.

BZ#1295144 Review Request: xss-lock - Use external locker as X screen saver

I just tried it out and it fixes the bug for me.

BZ#1303307 Awesome WM: Some key bindings (e.g. window close) sporadically stop to work for already open clients