Thanks dmaphy!

BZ#2064939 Please branch and build terminator in epel9
Test Case terminator split


BZ#1897791 Translations disappeared from terminator 2.0.1 package
Test Case terminator split
BZ#1830451 [abrt] terminator: wrapcloseterm(): 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'grab_focus'
BZ#1844342 Search doesn't work
BZ#1887360 Update Terminator to new 2.0 version (Migration to Gtk 3 and Python 3 complete)
Test Case terminator split

Thanks for tracking this down. I think we have the middle-click paste problem fixed in master (see for details, and, i'll take a look at new keybindings clobbering older customized ones. Given the way the code is, I think fixing this would require some refactoring, but it would aid us greatly if you could open an issue upstream

BZ#1428157 Fails to open on Wayland
BZ#1427835 Terminator fails with "TypeError: argument window: Expected GdkX11.X11Window, but got __gi__.GdkWaylandWindow"

I built it, but just got around to testing it now. Looks good to me