Works here, fixes the reported BZ. +1

BZ#1247973 httpie: ImportError: cannot import name is_windows

Works great here on my EL7 machines.

Everything worked with the ad-hoc commands I attempted and the playbooks I tested

Working here. +1

BZ#1276046 Wrong path for config file

My virtual machine hosts and my laptop don't appear to have any issues with this kernel. +1

BZ#1288969 Error calling StartServiceByName for org.projectatomic.rpmostree1: Timeout was reached

After upgrading to docker-1.7.0-6.git74e7a7a.fc22 I'm getting the following error when I try to start a container: Error response from daemon: Cannot start container dd8ca05f537998986556d821b4e23a863d845a70a1647700edd44952b30d05e8: socket operation on non-socket Once I downgrade back to docker-1.6.0-3.git9d26a07.fc22 I am able to create docker containers again just fine.


Works great here, haven't found any issues running my playbooks

Fixes dep issues in F22

With python-maliae, pyrasite is working for me on my RHEL7 machine. Thanks!

Working well for me.