This update has been unpushed.

This update has been unpushed.

@lemonzest, thanks for reporting. Bug fixed. I'll be pushing a new version likely today.

Has problems with NUC8i7HNK with the AMD GPU (Radeon RX Vega M GL) support.

I opened a bug upstream:

I didn't mention before, but Dell XPS 9350 where I tested it has a 4K screen with a Intel Sky Lake integrated GPU. It was really hard to install Fedora on it, as the Sky Lake is properly support only after Kernel 4.4. As the LiveCD has an older Kernel, the letters at the screen were so small that I had to use a magnifying glass to be able to install it. So, I suggest to update the Kernel also at the install disks too.


It works nice on Dell XPX 9350, providing a proper X11 support, fixing WiFi and adds support for its touchscreen.

coccinelle now installs fine and runs ok

avij, thanks for pointing it. I removed libv4l from this package. It will now build using static library, and won't produce a libv4l package anymore. So, no override with RHEL package will happen. I stored the old build at for those that wants to get rid of the bugs or need updates at the webcam quirks that aren't currently backported to the RHEL6 library.