BZ#2268583 [abrt] gnome-software: gtk_widget_get_parent_muxer.constprop.0(): gnome-software killed by SIGSEGV

This update has been unpushed.

I'm closing this, it's obsolete by 3.52.0 release

the bug is not fixed by this change

BZ#2253099 evolution frequently dies on Rawhide, logged only as "killed"

Let's merge this and deal with the bug in bugzilla. As I mentioned, there was no code change in 45.2, thus the problem is elsewhere, possibly already present in 45.1.

There had been only translation changes in the update, which surely did not break this. Could you open a bug in Red Hat bugzilla, where we can investigate the problem in detail, please? As a starter: gnome-software --quit; gnome-software --verbose &>log.txt , then open Repositories dialog, where should be shown all of them, then gnome-software --quit again, and then upload to the bug the log.txt file, will help.

Hmm. The openchange requires rebuild usually due to soname bumps in samba & others. The evolution-mapi "inherits" some openchange dependencies. If there's no related soname bump, then great. I'm sorry for the noise.

I think there's missing evolution-mapi build. Try to install it and then update with these packages. It may fail, if I'm not mistaken.


Fixes the crash after start of Epiphany when being asked whether to make it a default browser.

BZ#2212303 [abrt] epiphany-runtime: std::__glibcxx_assert_fail(char const*, int, char const*, char const*)(): epiphany killed by SIGABRT

This update has been unpushed.

I'm cancelling this update, there is an upstream 3.48.3 release with the fixes included.

There had been discovered that the previous change was not enough, thus I updated the package to include also the second upstream change.

I'm closing this update due to the mess caused by the freeze of the build root update (see the above bug). Once a rebuild of the eds is done it'll be available within FEDORA-2023-c8da16843a

The update contains evolution-data-server-3.47.3-1, which is supposed to replace the 3.47.2-2 version. It looks like the webkitgtk package the evolution-data-server had been built with is missing (no update filled/committed yet) or replaced, maybe?

Yeah, it is. FEDORA-2022-29ff3c2e38 will address that problem. Tests for this update should pass if we remember to re-run them after next Rawhide compose.

Inherited dependencies is something quite hard to discover and they strike back in the less convenient time.

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It's a problem of the WebKitGTK, please see

BZ#2118626 update_known_hosts: hostfile_replace_entries failed for $HOME/.ssh/known_hosts: memory allocation failed
BZ#2083296 redhat/macros: embedded tab character causing configuration failures