Hi mastaiza

Can you please give a little bit more info on what happened (shaman failed to run from the terminal, applications view, etc)? I am trying to reproduce the same behavior you encountered, so as to fix it.


Support for CP fonts is improved. Now the three fonts in 161.cp (and other CP font files) can be accessed and edited by pressing numbers from 1-4 (as CP supports that much per font file).

BDF error is eliminated.

The Show Keys window is clean now.

The switch console (CTRL+ALT+F-something) is a little bit tricky, as fontopia works in a raw keyboard mode. Access to CTRL+ALT+DEL, and other special keys can only be granted after exiting fontopia and return to normal keyboard mode. The other solution is to implement every key combination by hand (not sure if this will work on all systems as expected).

Still investigating the wrong font matrix issue.

The "weight" Vs "width" error was a dumb one. Corrected.

Double ENTER was a glitch, also eliminated.

I really appreciate your intensive testing. Great work!.

The thing is related to font specs. PSF1 for example forces glyph width to 8 pixels, thus when changing version e.g. from PSF2 24x12 to PSF1, fontopia has to enforce width change to 8. But I hear you, the program should at least convey this message to the user so he/she knows why are font metrics being changed forcibly. The scaling idea is also important and I will be working on it soon.