Yes it is. Please do not leave bogus karma.

Check the build logs for the task.

checking for raqm... yes RAQM --with-raqm=yes yes LIBS = -llcms2 -lfreetype -lraqm -lfreetype -lfftw3 -lxml2 -lfontconfig -lfreetype -lXext -lSM -lICE -lX11 -lXt -llzma -lbz2 -lz -lltdl -lm DELEGATES = bzlib mpeg fftw fontconfig freetype gslib jbig jng jpeg lcms lzma openexr openjp2 pango png raqm raw rsvg tiff webp wmf x xml zlib Requires: ... ...

CPU: i7-4558U (Haswell)

This kernel is supposed to have a patch for CVE-2019-14615 and Haswell GPUs are supposed to see a 50% performance reduction. I am not seeing any reduction. Does this kernel have the patch?

Intel Wireless 7260 works, SELinux policy issue (bug # 1782092) present.


No regressions seen.

BZ#1785814 svt-av1-0.8.0 is available

GeoIP databases are now loaded. Thanks.

BZ#1768258 GeoIP2 feature is looking in wrong path

Looks good.

BZ#1772285 ansible-2.9.1 is available

Release engineering had dropped that package. I have pushed an update to bring it back. Please check all updates before commenting.



mozjs dependency issue resolved

BZ#1751250 0ad is requiring mozjs38 when it claims to be provided / bundled

Please file a bug upstream against WINE-STAGING (do not file against Wine).

BZ#1743196 Include F32 GPG keys in older fedora-releases

I stumbled on this tool today to test my microphone's frequency response. I tested both the 2.4.1 and this 3.3 release. The ability to record in 3.3 is very handy. Very nice tool. No regressions seen.

BZ#1274283 sonic-visualiser-3.3 is available

@generalprobe, I'm running 5.1.12 and I'm not having Steam connectivity issues. The client runs. Games run.


No regressions seen.

BZ#1718131 ansible-2.8.1 is available

No regressions seen.

BZ#1718131 ansible-2.8.1 is available

@drepetto your comment is on a Fedora 29 update. If you are trying to install a Fedora 30 package on Fedora 29 that is not supported. There is a Fedora 30 update. In any case there is a wine-filesystem package. It has not gone anywhere.

Did anyone actually test this update? Problem: glib-networking-2.60.1-2.fc30.i686 has inferior architecture - cannot install both glib-networking-2.60.2-1.fc30.x86_64 and glib-networking-2.60.1-2.fc30.x86_64 - cannot install both glib-networking-2.60.1-2.fc30.x86_64 and glib-networking-2.60.2-1.fc30.x86_64 - cannot install the best update candidate for package glib-networking-2.60.1-2.fc30.i686 - cannot install the best update candidate for package glib-networking-2.60.1-2.fc30.x86_64

@rspliet I see the same thing. Ticket raised with releng.


@srxavi I have title bar rounding with Gnome and this update. No regressions seen in addons or browsing.

I'm seeing a regression in my Ansible code base due to the change in behavior of get_url with Check Mode. Reported upstream:

@srxavi I have round titlebars on firefox-65.0.2-1.fc29.x86_64. I haven't tested this 66 update yet, though.

The fixed package is wine-4.2-2. Notice the '-2'. You are still seeing wine-4.2-1 because the '-2' update has not been pushed to testing yet. Bodhi will announce when the update has been pushed.