Alerts are now deleted. No other regressions seen.

This update has been unpushed.

Unpushing. There is a regression in ip6tables.

This update has been unpushed.

I'm going to unpush. The issue with ip6tables will be addressed before this is pushed.

@urbenlegend, I will keep my eye on it, but they must show that they will maintain the same level of quality as before and have a plan to upstream the patches to Winehq before I will consider it.

@filiperosset, I have fixed this. A new build will be obsoleting this one shortly.

@hxunbanned, you have a 3rd-party package installed. The "winehq-staging" package is not from Fedora. You must remove it before using the Fedora package.

Correct. Your mirror and/or cache do not have the update, yet. You can add "--refresh" to your command to attempt to pull the latest data available.

The "winehq" package is not part of Fedora. That is provided by the website. The Fedora package is called "wine" and has not changed its name. 'sudo dnf update wine* --enablerepo=updates-testing' to update your existing Fedora package.

There is no upgrade process because there is nothing to upgrade from or to. Wine-staging was just a series of patches applied on top of a release of Wine. It was not a fork or separate set of tools. You will not lose any installed software.

I have just pushed a 3.1 update. Please test it and report on the update. Thanks. FEDORA-2018-0a41fdd8f0

Intel has now announced that Broadwell and Haswell CPUs may experience rebooting with these microcode updates. I have not been using the update for long enough to confirm if this is the case, but people should be aware of this new issue.


Fixes BZ#1471397, thanks.

BZ#1471397 SELinux denies Radicale from using IMAP authentication

Does not fix BZ 1460244


Video works. Sound works. Browsing works. Saved sessions work. Webextensions work. CSD works.

Test Case firefox browse
Test Case firefox media
Test Case firefox addons

Needed for ImageMagick-perl (perl(:MODULE_COMPAT_*) fixes)

Still does not fix postfix issues.

We need two more positive karma points. Previous testers: Please provide karma again so this is pushed to stable. Thanks.

Does not fix bug 1409107

@nerijus, the cuneiform package cannot be compiled. That is the problem. It is not due to ImageMagick. Please follow up in the Red Hat Bugzilla bug 1423317 if you wish to discuss this further or help.