Video works. Sound works. Browsing works. Saved sessions work. Webextensions work. CSD works.

Test Case firefox browse
Test Case firefox media
Test Case firefox addons

Needed for ImageMagick-perl (perl(:MODULE_COMPAT_*) fixes)

Still does not fix postfix issues.

We need two more positive karma points. Previous testers: Please provide karma again so this is pushed to stable. Thanks.

Does not fix bug 1409107

@nerijus, the cuneiform package cannot be compiled. That is the problem. It is not due to ImageMagick. Please follow up in the Red Hat Bugzilla bug 1423317 if you wish to discuss this further or help.

@nerijus, cuneiform has been FTBFS since Fedora 23 and the maintainer is not responding. Upstream is also dead. The package may be retired from Fedora.

I've added k3d. The openshot, transcode, dvdrip, and xine packages will be taken care of by RPMFusion.

This update does NOT fix BZ1409107.

This update breaks Steam.

Failed to load - dlerror(): /lib/ undefined symbol: __GLXGL_CORE_FUNCTIONS

Downgrading to 0.2.999-14.20170308git8e6e102.fc26 resolves the issue.

Fixes BZ 1471747. Thanks.

BZ#1471747 ddns updates broken since rebuild with bind99 9.9.10

Bug 1462966 is open to track the Graphite2 package. Please follow that instead of posting to this Bodhi update.


Webm videos ( and youtube) work. Do not hang. Flash works. No other issues seen.

Test Case firefox media
Test Case firefox browse
Test Case firefox addons

@frantisekz Your issue is unrelated to this update. Nothing has changed regarding the alternatives handling of the 'wine' command.


No regressions seen on F25 hosts.


No regressions seen on RHEL7 hosts.


Fixes BZ#1425077. Thanks.

BZ#1403588 /usr/share/bugzilla/assets/.htaccess: Require not allowed here
BZ#1425077 Deprecated use of Slurp

Thanks, Nikos. BZ#1425537 is resolved for now.

BZ#1425537 Update breaks compatibility for old SSH servers, lowers performance

License text has returned. Thanks.

BZ#1404757 Missing license information file copyright_summary

This update has been unpushed.