As noted earlier, there is a regression with the OpenH264 plugin. If it is enabled Firefox will crash on sites that have HTML5 video such as YouTube and PayPal's home page. Not sure how high priority this is WRT Fedora. Disabling the plugin still allows video to work and Firefox does not crash.

No other regressions seen.

Test Case firefox browse
Test Case firefox addons
Test Case firefox media

No regressions seen.

Downloads now work. No regressions seen.

BZ#1286385 causes youtube-dl to crash
BZ#1284713 youtube-dl-2015.11.27.1 is available
BZ#1282086 Python 3 support
BZ#1283450 youtube-dl-2015.11.21 is available

Works fine on Ivy Bridge hardware, HD4000 graphics. Works fine on Haswell hardware, Iris 5100 graphics.


No regressions on x86_64 hardware.

@gjanssens, the debuginfo package is visible on mirrors to me. dnf install NetworkManager-debuginfo results in 1:1.0.6-6.fc22 being downloaded.

Bug 1244547 is fixed. No other regressions seen.

BZ#1244547 NetworkManager 1.0.6-2 Regression - All VPN connections get incorrect MTU and are broken

No regressions seen.

This update breaks the ability to reboot from gnome-shell and the command line.

Failed to start Access denied

Very poor testing performed if you guys are reporting "works fine".

No regressions seen on wireless or wired networks. With and without IPv6.

BZ#1255436 NMAccessPoint.get_rsa_flags() called via python gi raises ValueError: invalid enum value: 648
BZ#1234121 After update Network manager loopback address became unavailable
BZ#1257955 Enabling ipv6 privacy extensions in NetworkManager is not user friendly and deeply hidden in the system
BZ#1224819 [abrt] network-manager-applet: nm_client_networking_set_enabled(): nm-applet killed by SIGSEGV
BZ#1253949 [abrt] NetworkManager: nm_ip4_config_get_num_addresses(): NetworkManager killed by SIGSEGV

The 1.0.6 update did not make it to updates-testing even though bodhi says it is there. Please re-push or create a new update.


No regressions seen on NVIDIA or Intel hardware.

Needed for wine-gecko.

Needed for wine-gecko.


No regressions on Lynnfield hardware.

wine-gecko built successfully.


No regressions seen.

No regressions seen. Can still connect to 389 admin server.

No regressions seen. PS: This update has been in testing for a month.

Works fine. PS: This update has been in testing for over 2 months.