LXDE on vbox does not work at all with this kernel. I cannot drag window after clicking window titile bar, and sees some other issue. I will check if such issue happens even on "real" (i.e. no vbox) machine.

 Problem 2: package texlive-collection-langjapanese-6:svn41002-44.20160520.fc28.noarch requires tex-uplatex-doc, but none of the providers can be installed
  - package texlive-uptex-7:20170520-29.fc28.x86_64 obsoletes texlive-uplatex-doc < 7:20170520 provided by texlive-uplatex-doc-6:svn41370-42.fc28.2.noarch
  - cannot install the best update candidate for package texlive-uplatex-bin-6:svn26326-42.20160520.fc28.noarch
  - cannot install the best update candidate for package texlive-collection-langjapanese-6:svn41002-42.20160520.fc28.noarch

Perhaps texlive-uptex-7:20170520-29.fc28 (from texlive-base) must also provide tex-uptex-doc, not only texlive-uptex-doc


Already pushed into stable, however tested with LXDE Live and root login okay.


kinit mtasaka@FEDORAPROJECT.ORG (on non-wired connection, perhaps) does not work after updating sssd to this.
Downgrading to 1.15.3-5.fc27 makes kinit woring again.


With fedpkg-1.30.fc27,

22700048 build (f26-candidate, /git/rpms/rubygem-gtk3:2535b13ec0ac45ecc74200be33dad00e136b7821): open ( -> FAILED: BuildError: is not in the list of allowed SCMs
  0 free  0 open  0 done  2 failed

Reverting to fedpkg-1.29-5.fc27 resolves the above issue.


Works for me.

BZ#1476472 cppcheck-1.80 is available

By the way, while luajit 2.1.0-beta3 may fix segv on elf compilation on aarch64, if that does not work, killing luajit support when building efl on aarch64 also seems okay:

(armv7hl build not finished yet)

Removing that patch does not fix the issue. Soname changed, so rebuild of efl is now needed.

By the way, luajit 2.1.0-beta3 is released on 2017/May/01, which says that "the major new features are JIT compiler support for x64 in GC64 mode, ARM64 and MIPS64. ", so it might be possible that segv on aarch64 when compiling efl (segv is actually happening inside luajit) is fixed with this new luajit.


Broken deps even on x86_64

Error: Package: efl-1.18.4-2.fc26.x86_64 (@fedora)
       Removing: tslib-1.0-12.fc26.x86_64 (@fedora)
       Updated By: tslib-1.10-0.1.rc1.fc26.x86_64 (updates-testing)
           Not found

Maybe you have to disable aarch64 support for efl right now.

Broken dependency

Error: Package: unar-1.10.1-2.fc26.x86_64
         Removing: gnustep-base-libs-1.24.9-2.fc26.x86_64 
         Updated By: gnustep-base-libs-1.25.0-2.fc26.x86_64 (updates-testing)

Same here, broken deps.

Once revoking, I will fix rails-dom-testing deps.

Once revoking, I will fix rails-dom-testing deps.


fedpkg new-sources fails with the following message:

Could not execute new_sources: <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//IETF//DTD HTML 2.0//EN">
<title>401 Unauthorized</title>
<p>This server could not verify that you
are authorized to access the document
requested.  Either you supplied the wrong
credentials (e.g., bad password), or your
browser doesn't understand how to supply
the credentials required.</p>

Looks like the different issue.


Seem to be working.

BZ#1342847 cppcheck-1.74 is available

What I meant is that I will fix this in the next push.