Works for stratisd.


Seems to run our tests fine.


Just testing the web interface and karma concept here. As far as I can understand, the update has already passed gating so my actions here can have no effect. In any case, the package builds, and I can use it to build stratisd.

I guess it is legit to give it a -, since I really couldn't install it in the usual way?

There may be a conflict with man pages from the python2/python3 packages.

First I added testing repo, then I tried "dnf install python-hypothesis". It told me that python2-hypothesis-1.11.2-1.fc23.noarch was already installed and that it was skipping, but if I tried --best --allowerasing I would be good. Tried that and it did not install because it saw a conflict in the man pages with the python3 install:

Error: Transaction check error: file /usr/share/man/man1/hypothesis.1.gz from install of python2-hypothesis-3.4.0-1.fc23.noarch conflicts with file from package python3-hypothesis-1.11.2-1.fc23.noarch

This update has been unpushed.