BZ#1830232 [Fedora 31/32] brp-python-bytecompile will break with Python 3.10 (fixed on rawhide only)
BZ#1890800 Review Request: gnome-shell-extension-pop-shell - GNOME Shell extension for advanced tiling window management
BZ#1825686 Update to newer release (current latest is 3.8.3)

@fstephany That's actually what redhat-rpm-config is supposed to do. It's a set of vendor overrides. However, in this case, I'm not sure why that definition isn't present in RPM itself...

@fstephany This is starting to sound like a bug in RPM. :(

BZ#1889349 fish setting for nano-default-editor is unremovable (usage of universal variable)

@fstephany How is that happening? %_target_platform should be defined correctly:

BZ#1887891 add Recommends: nm-connection-editor
BZ#1863371 cpptoml: FTBFS in Fedora rawhide/f33
BZ#1884260 cheese creates invalid and extremely long video files, each app restart making them longer
BZ#1886581 Freeze exception for fedora-repo-zdicts-2010.1

@egreshko I added the missing dependency, can you try again?

@egreshko Ah, this is a missing dependency, thanks for catching it.

User Icon ngompa commented & provided feedback on nano-5.3-2.fc33 7 months ago

@kdudka the upstream documentation specifically mentions in the 5.0 release that distributions can move desired configurations back up a level to enable it. It cannot be had both ways (i.e. telling downstreams to move desired configs up and simultaneously saying downstreams should not do that if they want all configs).

BZ#1883687 Include the final release of Python 3.9.0 in Fedora 33 GA

Works for me.

BZ#1872111 Firefox build failure on aarch64 - missing
BZ#1881495 Outdated Firefox is going to be shipped in the Fedora 33 Beta

Works for me.

BZ#1880096 Include Plasma 5.19.5 in F33 Beta