@kkofler blogilo is dead due to a lack of maintainer upstream. Why not take it over upstream and fix it, since you clearly use it.

BZ#2239838 alsa-ucm-asahi-2 is available
BZ#2238327 rust-tiny-dfr-0.1.2 is available
BZ#2095296 eapol_test (part of wpa_supplicant) does not support IPv6
BZ#2226569 wpa_supplicant does not support for WPA3 for Broadcom Wi-Fi chipsets
BZ#2173474 OS partition name is weird
BZ#2236398 webUI: cannot install to encrypted software RAID partition
BZ#2238792 Unable to start installation of F39 Budgie beta 1.1 clicking on the desktop or menu icon (affects SWAY installation too)
Test Case Anaconda help
BZ#2064025 Flaky build failures on ppc64le due to CordzInfoStatisticsTest.ThreadSafety
BZ#2149299 SELinux is preventing zebra from 'module_request' accesses on the system labeled kernel_t.
BZ#2221771 libphonenumber-8.13.19 is available
BZ#2229015 abseil-cpp-20230802.0 is available
BZ#2231905 mozc is incompatible with abseil-cpp 20230802.0 due to use of removed internals for CLI flags
BZ#2231908 fcitx5-mozc is incompatible with abseil-cpp 20230802.0 due to use of removed internals for CLI flags
BZ#2235568 bear-3.1.3 is available
BZ#2232711 disable KDE autosuspend in a VM (to avoid potential VM hang)
Test Case bluedevil

Yay! :D

BZ#2077446 Please branch and build python-zope-testrunner for EPEL 9
BZ#2133565 Please branch and build python-flufl-testing in epel9
BZ#2236274 Please branch and build python-flufl-bounce in epel9
BZ#2236280 Please branch and build python-flufl-i18n in epel9
BZ#2236283 Please branch and build python-flufl-testing in epel9
BZ#2236284 Please branch and build python-lazr-config in epel9
BZ#2236285 Please branch and build python-lazr-delegates in epel9
BZ#2236286 Please branch and build python-zope-configuration in epel9
BZ#2236289 Please branch and build python-zope-schema in epel9
BZ#2236290 Please branch and build python-repoze-sphinx-autointerface in epel9
BZ#2236297 Please branch and build python-zope-exceptions in epel9
BZ#2238797 Please branch and build python3-docs in epel9
BZ#2238798 Please branch and build python-docs-theme in epel9
BZ#2238799 Please branch and build linkchecker in epel9
Test Case linkchecker