@kparal - backups folder is configurable. See here -

preferences screen

This update has been unpushed.

  • glade-devel needs to have Centos-PowerTools repo enabled.
  • I will fix xfdesktop.

Thanks for the feedback.

worked for me to build xfce. Xfce works on EPEL8.

Works for me.

Works for me. Keeshare is enabled.

BZ#1747700 Compile with support for KeeShare signed sharing

Works great for me.

BZ#1719750 nextcloud-client-2.5.3 is available

No issues noticed.

Works for me.

BZ#1699501 keepassxc-2.4.1 is available

Link to 2.5.2 scratch builds in this bug report -

this conflict is being discussed upstream. I will leave the package in testing enabling testing of other bugfixes by those without a concurrent nautilus installation. I will not push to stable without resolution of the conflict.

unpushed by mistake.

This bug exists in 2.5.1 as well. Syncing large files does not work properly.

I realize I have not added the link to my upstream report. Here it is -