@ctron: This issue is caused by latest Qt6 updates and unfortunately also effects current stable version of AusweisApp2. See #2195893.


Works for me, didn't notice changes.

BZ#2172658 Thunar-4.18.6 is available

Works for me with "standard" USB card reader and smart phone. Does not differ much from 1.26.3, but it is appreciated to have the latest version.

BZ#2192113 AusweisApp2-1.26.4 is available

Works mostly for me. I noticed horrible sound quality when creating audio CD from mp3 files (wav is okay), but this also happens with previous build xfburn-0.6.2-8.fc38, so no regression in this update.

"rpm -qR Thunar" now lists tumbler as dependency, besides of that everything works for me as before.

Works fine for me now that I've learnt how to specify the glshader option. Unfortunately the description for this parameter lags behind if the config file is created in German rather than English and can be misleading.

Fixes BZ#2182404 for me (and probably also BZ#2174244, but cannot test suspend/resume due to installation in VM). No new regressions noted.

BZ#2182404 xfce4-screensaver 4.16.0 broken in F38 beta
BZ#2182487 xfce4-pulseaudio-plugin-0.4.6 is available

Works for me with USB card reader as well as smart phone, no matter whether PIN is entered at phone or Fedora host.

What's strange: BZ#2105754 is fixed even without upgrade of openssl, i.e. AusweisApp2 works with my "standard" USB card reader even with openssl-libs-3.0.8-1.fc38.x86_64 included in the F38 beta.

BZ#2000306 AusweisApp2 Card_Protocol_Error after entering PIN of German ID card using smartphone as card reader
BZ#2105754 AusweisApp2 fails certificate verification for DECVCAeID00102
BZ#2141672 Enable support of Brainpool ECC
BZ#2177332 AusweisApp2-1.26.3 is available

Works for me with ristretto, xfdesktop and lightdm-gtk.

Works for me with ristretto, xfdesktop-settings and lightdm-gtk.

Works for me with Xfce desktop.


Works for me (to test proper operation of smart card reader).

Although the update is already in stable I'd like to mention that it served me well to flash a custom recovery image onto my Note 3.

I can now reproduce the issue on all of my machines if screenshooter is invoked from Xfce panel plugin, not by "print" key. The update fixes the issue, at least for this special case.

BZ#2160571 XFCE4-screenshooter 1.10.0 is Broken (Captures outdated desktop images)

Works for me. Couldn't reproduce the bug with AMD or Intel graphics or QXL.

Works as expected, missing button now present.

BZ#2055507 xfce4-screensaver package sets both autostart and dbus service, results in missing switch-user button
BZ#2138870 The "Switch User" option is missing in the default XFCE screensaver.

Used by me to check proper operation of card reader.


Works fine, including enhancements introduced with 1.9.0

Works for me with various x86_64 VMs.

To be honest I didn't look at standard&error output, only at the release notes on upstream web site and at the comments in the updated config file (after running "config -wc"). Although the release notes list shader names with prepended directory names I didn't realize that they need to be specified that way in the config file.

There is also an improvement I noticed: German umlauts are now encoded in Unicode instead of IBM-PC character set within the config file.