76x23 window by default

BZ#1957858 Only a single line visible in konsole in current Rawhide

With -d1 option appeared message

xrdcp -f -d1 root://... /dev/null

[2021-07-11 23:36:45.965324 +0300][Error ][PostMaster ] Unable to get transport handler for file protocol

With 5.2.0 and previous versions no such error.

I have problems with mounting USB drives. Automounting USB was disabled but drive always automounted after connection with this update. I enabled Automounting and disabled it. After that USB drive shown in connected devices once after login. New connected USB drives never shown in connected devices.

If files search disabled plasma error message "Failed to open tags:/." always appeared on startup. Message disappeared after I enabled and then disabled search.

  • nothing provides python3.9dist(aiofiles) >= 0.6 needed by gns3-server-2.2.20-1.fc34.noarch
  • nothing provides python3.9dist(aiohttp) >= 3.7.4^post0 needed by gns3-server-2.2.20-1.fc34.noarch
  • nothing provides python3.9dist(sentry-sdk) >= 1 needed by gns3-server-2.2.20-1.fc34.noarch

I can manually get md5 checksum with gfal-sum both for root and davs but for root dpm-tester fails with error GError: Could not get the checksum (Invalid argument). Verify md5 checksum test succeeded for davs with 1.14.2-1.el7 but fails for 1.14.2-7.el7 with other error GError: checksum calculation for md5 not supported for davs. Should server side also be updated to 1.14.2-7.el7 (now with dmlite-1.14.2-1.el7 there)? fails with GError: Could not get the checksum (Invalid argument) or GError: checksum calculation for md5 not supported , in dmlite-1.14.2-1.el7 it works fine

with ksysguard-5.21.1-2.fc34 there two ksysguard-libs is in repo ksysguard-libs-4.11.22-29.fc34 and ksysguard-libs-5.21.1-2.fc34

rdieter: with plasma-workspace-5.21.1-3.fc34 I see two ssh-agent, one started from startplasma-x11, second from ssh-agent.service

fixes bug 1929697

Displaing of emails headers broken In KMail.

With Breeze GTK theme no close/maximize buttons on firefox window if tabs placed in window title (in 5.19 buttons was there). But window can be closed after clicking on place where close button should be. With Default GTK theme all buttons are shown.

Plugin version XrdHttpProtocolTest v5.0.3 is incompatible with domexrdhttp v5.0.2 (must be >= 4.8.x) in exthandlerlib /usr/lib64/

cannot install the best update candidate for package python3-GitPython-3.0.2-2.fc32.noarch

  • nothing provides (python3.8dist(gitdb) >= 4.0.1 with python3.8dist(gitdb) < 5) needed by python3-GitPython-3.1.11-1.fc32.noarch

  • nothing provides python3-gitdb >= 4.0.0 needed by python3-GitPython-3.1.11-1.fc32.noarch

cmsd startup failed:

++++++ Configuring standalone mode . . .

------ Storage system initialization failed.

------ phase 2 server initialization failed.

201020 20:10:36 3015 XrdProtocol: Protocol cms could not be loaded

------ cmsd initialization failed.