Installs, starts up, some basic actions I tried worked ok.

BZ#1968637 gpodder-3.10.20 is available

Installs successfully, starts, can be used.

BZ#1913870 Review Request: qvge - visual graph editor
BZ#1952163 SELinux is preventing systemd-coredum from 'getattr' accesses on the file file.

I have a F34 system that was suffering from BZ#1947214, so I had uninstalled flatpak. I reinstalled flatpak 1.10.2-2.f34 from stable, rebooted and got the SETroubleshoot notification. Then I installed this update, rebooted again, no more SETroubleshoot notifications. So, the bug is fixed by this update.

I also ran some flatpak commands: list, search, install, which all worked, and also opened a flatpak application and confromed it still worked. Everything works, great!

BZ#1947214 SELinux denials for flatpak exports (e.g. SELinux is preventing gnome-shell from 'map' accesses on the file /var/lib/flatpak/exports/share/icons/hicolor/icon-theme.cache )

Works well.

BZ#1950005 gpodder-3.10.19 is available

Works well.

BZ#1948084 gpodder-3.10.18 is available

Installs successfully, Octave still starts, BZ #1946773 is fixed.

BZ#1946773 GUI terminal emits "undecodable token:" warnings

Installs successfully. This is a new library, no application uses it yet, thus I could not try to use it for anything.

BZ#1943526 Review Request: libuev - Simple event loop for Linux

Package found from updates-testing repository, installed successfully and replaced dosbox-0.74.3-6 as intended, thus BZ#1933849 is solved as such.

However, some games that could be played with dosbox-0.74.3-6 (but suffering from Wayland bugs), but with dosbox-staging lead to selinux denial and segmentation. This is upstream bug 253. See Comment 4 for BZ#1933849 for more details.

BZ#1933849 dosbox-staging not available in Fedora 33