VERY Good! :)

User Icon oxo commented & provided feedback on libuser-0.62-1.fc22 7 years ago

Nothing strange noticed in 4 days :)

No regressions within update to NetworkManager-1.0.4-2

notting, it may be related to selinux-policy issues fixed in the latest build, that allow networkmanager to communicate via dbus with systemd_hostanmed, read rfcomm port etc.

Works without issues for now


Works normally


No problems have been experienced.


Works normally. No ABRT notifications has noticed.

User Icon oxo commented & provided feedback on polkit-0.113-1.fc22 7 years ago

Seems to work fine (in conjunction with KDE)


KDE became more responsive and RAM usage decreased after this update :)

And I wonder how these files will behave after parallel install of the custom build of KDE 4 in /opt directory, for example ((:))

Yesterday I've logged with Plasma 5 as a root and it seems that it fixed problem with KWin restarting after running some programs as root thanks to the emergence of some KDE files in root's home directory :))

Today plasmashel has started to crash about every 30 minutes. And I have no concepts yet if any updates could weigh with it ((:))

...And content of windows did not changed to black so that it had to be recovered by iconifying :)

And panel did not start for about 40 seconds... And I hope you do not want to say that kdesu is wrong (???))

Yes, I'm frequently running Krusader, Konsole & Yumex as a root for system maintenance and with KDE 4 there were no such problems including nascent files like 'klauncherTJ2357.1.slave-socket' in root directory. And KWin did not restart herewith :)

And answer depends on if there were a progress at the point where speaker placement test stopped working :)

Jun 22 18:50:44 org.kde.kded5[dbus-daemon]: No protocol specified >>> Jun 22 18:50:44 org.kde.kded5[3202]: QXcbConnection: Could not connect to display :0

Jun 22 18:45:37 org.kde.kglobalaccel[dbus-daemon]: QStandardPaths: wrong ownership on runtime directory /run/user/1122, 1122 instead of 0