I've got one package requiring a rebuild:

Problem: problem with installed package qt5-qtenginio-1:1.6.2-28.fc32.x86_64

  • package qt5-qtenginio-1:1.6.2-28.fc32.x86_64 requires, but none of the providers can be installed

  • package qt5-qtenginio-1:1.6.2-28.fc32.x86_64 requires qt5-qtbase(x86-64) = 5.13.2, but none of the providers can be installed

  • cannot install both qt5-qtbase-5.14.2-5.fc32.x86_64 and qt5-qtbase-5.13.2-5.fc32.x86_64

  • cannot install both qt5-qtbase-5.14.2-5.fc32.x86_64 and qt5-qtbase-5.13.2-4.fc32.x86_64

  • cannot install the best update candidate for package qt5-qtbase-5.13.2-5.fc32.x86_64

"A new major version of Chromium without any security bugs!..." :D No issues spotted (upgraded from koji, before it was pushed to testing).

Application icon is missing: in system menu (KDE) there's no icon, after opening meld, on taskbar there's an x.Org icon. In in-app menu -> About there's also no icon.

It unblocked F30->F32 upgrade, thanks!

BZ#1821357 python2-libselinux blocks upgrade from F30

No issues spotted for more than a day.

No such issues on X11 Plasma, there's a workaround for Wayland:


No regressions spotted.

No regressions spotted.

BZ#1790695 obsolete reference to -libs subpackage makes -devel not-installable

All good.

No regressions spotted, though I'm not using account integrations.

My previous issues are no longer happening with the new build, thanks. As for opensc itself, I've got Broadcom 5880, but no smart card to test it.

No regressions spotted.