Seems fine!



BZ#1506595 Add python3-pyatspi to anaconda install image
BZ#1636207 lorax-composer needs some commits from master: composer-cli rename, lock root account in images
Test Case lorax netinst

Seems fine

BZ#1631804 libcurl update breaks dnf (missing dep?)

Seems fine

BZ#1460244 Some processes are denied send_msg to dbus by selinux

Seems fine on a number of x86_64 and aarcch64 devices

BZ#1614637 Broken bash syntax in /etc/grub.d/01_fallback_counting

Works fine on a mustang with virt, a number of aarch64, armv7 and x86_64 devices

BZ#1608242 CONFIG_CRYPTO_DEV_SP_PSP=y causes udev issues on AMD AGESA
BZ#1634250 Backport driver for Intel Sunrise Point-H Integrated Sensor Hub
BZ#1635475 CVE-2018-18021 kernel: Privilege escalation on arm64 via KVM hypervisor
BZ#1635476 CVE-2018-18021 kernel: Privilege escalation on arm64 via KVM hypervisor [fedora-all]

"dnf repoquery --whatrequires ''" is simple enough to run to work out what you need to rebuild and add to the upgrade

Bumped soname and didn't rebuild all packages so breaks upgrades. eg nng

Tested on Carbon X1g6, UP², mustang, Pine64, BBone Black, RPi2, RPi3 and RPi3B+ inc WiFi, Rock960, firefly3399, MacBin, OrangePi PC and likely others.


Boots fine on Carbon X1g6 w/ secure boot, UP², mustang, RPi3B+, Pine64, Firefly339, Rock960 and probably a few others I missed

BZ#1614637 Broken bash syntax in /etc/grub.d/01_fallback_counting

Issues with libxcrypt-static

Will fix

This update has been unpushed.



BZ#1604950 nettle: FTBFS in Fedora rawhide

The option to disable weak deps works as hoped, IoT compose went from 479 -> 416 packages.


Tested on UP² mustang and Raspberry Pi3B+

BZ#1572126 allocation errors with secureboot grub version
BZ#1615969 AArch64 - Error when booting "error: out of memory."

containernetworking-plugins-0.7.3-2.fc29 should be added to this update

Problem: cannot install the best update candidate for package podman-1:0.8.4-1.git9f9b8cf.fc29.aarch64 - nothing provides containernetworking-plugins >= 0.7.3-2 needed by podman-1:0.9.1-3.gitaba58d1.fc29.aarch64

BZ#1593419 no network access in containers when doing 'podman run' on F28AH

Seems fine on a Carbon X1 gen 3 and a RPi3

BZ#1623471 Spurious connection errors: "Server did not return a valid TLS certificate"
BZ#1625572 Gnome initial setup runs twice when installing from a Live ISO

Works fine in my testing on x86 laptop and RPi3

BZ#1575328 Xorg crashes after latest mesa update