Bug #2122841 affects also this build and may prevent working FreeIPA deployment. It is working fine separately, but will not work with -E pkcs11 parameter correctly.

BZ#2119132 bind-9.18.6 is available

Ah, I made error during merging. Thus changelog mentions unbound-1.16.0-1, but build is unbound-1.16.0-3

@ozeszty Consider filling a bug on jwhois component to request that. But it seems Fedora maintainer keeps it working even after upstream has stopped adding commits.

I have unbound build failing now on f36. I have verified in mockbuild it passes unittest without a crash with this update.

It installs fine on f35. However, why is not even readme contained in the package? It just has a binary and license file. It is enough?

@justinz Please add also review bug 2051069 to new package, it would get closed once it lands stable.

@justinz Please add also review bug 2051069 to new package, it would get closed once it lands stable.


@nickc This update seems stuck in testing for weird reason.

It has fixed FTBFS problem with bind, which fails building with annobin-plugin-gcc-10.48-4.fc36.x86_64. That was caused by warning: -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE not defined for every libtool compiled source emitted. Caused gcc attribute check failures in configure.

@nickc There is something wrong with this update.

Too late, was fixed by more recent builds

This update has been unpushed.

More recent release 9.16.21 is pending also. Revoking this one.

A regression was found in the new release, reported on bug #2006367. It would need another build.

BZ#2002475 dnsmasq-2.86 is available

There is a problem reported on upstream issue 2779. 'w' character was left out of alphabet table for lowercase and uppercase conversion. An upgrade will be built soon. Revert to 9.16.16 version or upgrade to bind-9.16.17-2.fc35

I am sorry some of my ldns rebase preparation got pushed by mistake also to f33 and I did not notice it. Then just simple bump of parameters has broken it.

Please try updates: FEDORA-2021-ac74f879c8 FEDORA-2021-87c18dd24d

@dustymabe You could have pushed it to stable it you added karma to it. Please add karma, if the package was tested from testing and worked. Pushing manually.

Ah, two problems are there. First, I forgot dnsperf on f32 still depends on bind-libs. Second, I haven't waited long enough before building bind-dyndb-ldap. Even when built on side-tag directly, I should have waited for wait-repo first. My build of bind-dyndb-ldap were started after bind were done, but not yet propagated to repo. So new builds of both are required.


Seems fixed


It seems arch symlinks should be provided, but are not. It would break once f35 key is used. Because this fails:

gpg --import /etc/pki/rpm-gpg/RPM-GPG-KEY-fedora-35-$(arch)