@jsmith asterisk-16.0.0-1.fc29 already depends on this, it is sufficient to only add it here.

@nmav Unfortunately gnutls-dane-3.6.4-3 was not built with unbound override in place, so it depends on current unbound 1.7.3. It must not be part of this update. I think new build would have to be done again anyway for this update.

@jsmith If I push this update, asterisk would have broken dependencies and could not be updated in F29. Is that acceptable to you? I am blocking gnutls updates here, which is important. I am also blocking openvswitch update, but fortunately is has no karma to move on.

The thing is, I lack rights to add asterisk here. You should be able to do that as a proven packager or give me commit rights to asterisk please. Alternative is to have broken asterisk for some time.

Unfortunately this version was built when build override for unbound was active. Because it depends on it, it should land Fedora 29 stable together with it. It seems to be problematic already, but would not work without it anyway.

@decathorpe Thanks. I deactivated the override again. @jsmith please do not forget to activate override before new asterisk build.


Ok, I am so sorry for this black magic I am using here. I used one build of bind that would not be released anyway as placeholder and moved gnutls into unbound successfully. Please vote for working update in unbound update instead.

This update should be part of unbound update

GnuTLS rebuild is also required. Because of missing rights for me to include it, it has its own update

I admit the fix is incomplete. Because update is already pushed into f29 and it cannot be fixed just inside bind, I will push this update anyway. It fixes at least named service, but named-chroot still requires manual intervention. Please check for workaround. The last bug is reopened and would receive another update.

BZ#1631515 bind-chroot: OpenSSL pseudorandom number generator cannot be initialized

No regression noted

No regression noted


Fixes problem with invalid certificate, no regressions noted

BZ#1441601 thunderbird: No longer accepts TLS server certificate

Fixes sudoedit, /etc/sysconfig/named is still misdetected as bindzone


fixed wrong way, but allows kerberos working from UI

works for me


Restores basic functionality after flagday changes