Clicked wrong -1 button, sorry

Thanks, I've added the missing dependency to master. I will try to do some testing this week before building a new release.

This update has been unpushed.

In CentOS those packages are in the extras repo.

Think those arent in EPEL7 but in RHEL7 (and centos).

commit 2507513f0bfd9f1a04d5487d7f8fe6c2ff7d62cc Author: Dan Callaghan Date: Mon Jun 16 09:06:36 2014 +1000

python-gunicorn is available in RHEL7

Fixes reported bug

tested with tough-cookie




All seems ok.

unpushing this, F23 still has older version, this would break upgradepath. Also not sure if we want to upgrade from 1.x to 2.x during a release

seems fine please push

BZ#1272255 Review Request: nodejs-lcov-parse - Parse lcov results files and return JSON

no regressions this far

It seems to be there now, although el6 has a higher version than epel7 :S