Confirmed fixed. Thanks.

BZ#1878315 Strawberry version 0.7.2-1.fc33.x86_64 crashes on startup( terminated by signal SIGSEGV (Address boundary error) )

Confirmed fixed. Thanks.

BZ#1873903 Clementine release 1.4.0-2.rc1.20200617gitedb8c3b.fc33 doesnt starts

Cannot be installed. Same problem as mattf

Crashes on startup. Probably due to LTO. I advise you rebuild without LTO as strawberry (fork of clementine) works for me after doing that locally.

Crashes on startup. Probably due to LTO. I built it locally by disabling LTO in the specfile and it worked.

BZ#1825657 Review Request: lazpaint - Simple image editor

Confirmed working with wireless PS3 controller.

BZ#1844850 Review request: antimicroX - Graphical program used to map keyboard buttons and mouse controls to a gamepad
BZ#1838291 qt-creator-4.12.1 is available
BZ#1535549 Review Request: mupen64plus - Nintendo 64 Emulator

Works, but I hope this bug will be fixed soon

BZ#1777328 snapd-2.43.3 is available
BZ#1798749 snapd-glib-1.55 is available

Broke TLS in flatpak applications (discord and cawbird), had to downgrade both p11-kit and ca-certificates.

Works. Thanks

This update works, but Bug #1754395 still occurs.



BZ#1758380 Review Request: cawbird - Fork of the Corebird GTK Twitter client that continues to work with Twitter

This being in the repos lets me install wine, but I noticed upon creating a new wineprefix it doesn't actually install gecko, but that may be a different issue.

BZ#1757131 Cannot install wine in Fedora 31 - nothing provides various packages needed