Can confirm, release 28 works for me too, no more plasmashell hang, and rtkit-daemon errors in the journal.

Works great for me on Fedora 22, thank you :)

BZ#1291058 (Panel) Sometimes opened application entries do not react to a single mouse clic

Looks like panel click not always working is a known problem.

It looks like it could be fixed by reverting a commit, however i've not tried it yet

After latest plasma-desktop/workspace update, clicking on app icons in icon only task manager does not always raise/hide - minimize app window.

Besides missing breeze cursor theme (also missing in system settings) and few visual task bar glitches at the beginning (glitches disappeared after few restarts), smooth update for me :)

Can confirm, loopback interface does not get an IPv4 address after this update (only IPv6) which causes some problems for apps i.e. PyCharm is unable to detect how many copies are running...

Resuming from hibernation works great again, bug fixed :)