Accidental submission.


As I noted on the Bugzilla, this breaks CGo somehow when testing tinygo. I downloaded this update and rebuilt tinygo in F33 mock with it and confirmed that this build is also broken.

Accidentally updated.

BZ#1887906 R-rgdal-1.5-18 is available

Dask now passes tests on ppc64le.

BZ#1878449 cblas_zdotc_sub returns incorrect results on ppc64le

libuv tests are not passing and this update is not going stable.

libomp test build is crashing: though that seems like what happened with the old clang (when using the llvm 10.0.1 that went stable separately). I think it installed the right one though.

F32 never had a Python 2 subpackage, so it doesn't need to be restored.

BZ#1858556 python2 subpackage removed in stable release

This needs to include all dependencies or it will conflict.

BZ#1836534 Please build libb2-0.98.1 for Fedora 31

Works to build Hugo.

This version is broken, and it breaks all emoji tests in hugo.

BZ#1805769 Upgrade path broken: F-31 -> F-32

I think the correct build is proj-6.3.1-3 in FEDORA-2020-2b538f8cb6

3.2.1 is in testing now and should be available soon.

This does not fix a 32-bit mock shell.

BZ#1804415 'mock -r fedora-rawhide-i386 shell' fails