BZ#1965788 Delta version 0.8 is released but the version on the repo is still at 0.6
BZ#1887360 Update Terminator to new 2.0 version (Migration to Gtk 3 and Python 3 complete)
Test Case terminator split
BZ#1780004 Can't Download Icon Theme In Caliblre Look & Feel Window
BZ#1783084 calibre-4.6.0 is available
BZ#1355867 org.mate.panel.applet.MultiLoadAppletFactory statvfs failed with Permission denied


Test Case firefox media
Test Case firefox browse
Test Case firefox addons

Seems to solve my problem with #1397900

BZ#1397900 transparent lock screen on multiple/single screens with blank screensaver theme

This update resolve bug #1307253 for me, but there are new problems with this new version.

A new version was released 2.6.8, with some very useful options, like the %include command and open/close command which allows to control external services.

if you can please build the new version. thanks.

Works for me, fixed my crushing problem. Thanks.