WOFF2 font generation works fine from both menu and Python API.

BZ#1830502 WOFF2 generation support unavailable

5.5.5 was unusable (no SDDM login screen after boot, though I can get VTE by Alt+Ctrl+F2) on Intel i5-1035G1. 5.4.y kernels were all causing immediate GPU crash when running PyCharm. 5.3.y were working ok-ish (GPU crash occurs, but every 30–60 mins or so).

This 5.5.6 version is at least as good as 5.3.y kernels (meaning GPU crash still occurs, but less frequent).

Works for me.

Been eagerly waiting, just updated from updates-testing now. Works fine so far!

'texdoc cases' works fine now.

BZ#1646348 texdoc assetrion fails

Have been running since 2 days, no issues noted.

Works fine in general use, not breakage noticed.

Works fine!

Works fine, no issues noted yet.

Note: panel auto-hide functionality is broken. Upstream bug #361566

Works fine.

Works fine.

Favourites in menu are lost, but other than that all good!

works fine on x86_64.