Thanks @lobocode. Regarding rpmlint errors, schema files warnings are expected because we don't want our users to modify these files and we want to overwrite the contents with what we ship. Also, man pages are something we have to work on. I will look into other errors/warnings.

Thanks Bojan. Looks like 'BuildRequires: xmlsec1-openssl-devel' is not enough. I will post another update.

Thanks Kevin!

Thanks for verifying this. There are two aspects of this fix 'vmware-checkvm' called by RPM and 'vmtoolsd' started after login. This fix applies to only RPM, there is no change in vmtoolsd. 'vmtoolsd' issue needs to be fixed in upstream first. So, expectation is that RPM should not get stuck in vmware-checkvm, but vmtoolsd may still take 100% CPU. There are two instances of vmtoolsd usually, one running as system (what you have tried) and one running as logged in user. To get vmtoolsd started as logged in user, you need to "reboot and login" or "logout and login" after "installed open-vm-tools-10.0.5-3 => no CPU hooked". Could you please try that? We will consider this update is good as long as RPM issue is solved.