These are 5.18.5 buildswith backported patches.

Yes, status still says pending, releng is looking into it ,

good for me

BZ#1812293 F32 background not used on desktop by default (but is used on login screen, lock screen)
BZ#1785826 startkde has gone
BZ#1785973 startx fails due to a bad path in latest update to plasmashell 5.17.4

Can you verify if you have kde frameworks 5.64 too or not? FEDORA-2019-8468f362c4

(hint: you do need this)

I appreciate the help, but it is misplaced. If you really want to help, to do by helping to fix the packages with broken dependencies.

Adding provides would fix the broken dependencies, sure, but it would be lie, sip no longer provides those interfaces (and packages depending on them would have runtime breakage).

This update has been unpushed.


Please no, I object to this change.

python3-sip and python2-sip are obsolete, nothing should provide them nor anything require them. (If anything does require, that's a bug that should be fixed)


I can confirm this build works as advertised.

BZ#1761130 calibre needs rebuild/update against Qt 5.12.5

This is the legit rebuild for Qt 5.12.5, it was set as "unpushed" was that intentional?

BZ#1758263 qt 5-12.5 update pushed to testing causes continual crashes
BZ#1758916 plasmashell crashes on any notification

Indeed breaks ABI for both packages that depend on re2 according to repoquery: perl-re-engine-RE2 and qt5-qtwebengine

ldd -r /usr/lib64/perl5/vendor_perl/auto/re/engine/RE2/ undefined symbol: _ZNK3re23RE25MatchERKNS_11StringPieceEiiNS0_6AnchorEPS1_i (/usr/lib64/perl5/vendor_perl/auto/re/engine/RE2/ undefined symbol: _ZNK3re23RE223NumberOfCapturingGroupsEv (/usr/lib64/perl5/vendor_perl/auto/re/engine/RE2/

the qtwebengine one already documented in previous comment. I'll comment in bug #1672014

it's ok, I'll get that one submitted separately, rather than resetting this big batch again.

Taking liberty to queue for stable, holler if there are any objections