ah right, that's only in plasma-workspace-5.5.5-8 (and newer), will fix.

much improved

BZ#1313575 qt5-qtwebengine-5.6.0-0.19.rc update segfaults

the name is compliant with packaging policy and guidelines. With respect to the conflict mentioned, when updating, you have to do both python-qt5 and python3-qt5 at the same time to same version-release (notice in your example, they do not match).

Yes, it is assumed you include Qt 5.6.0 (which was just pushed to -testing today)

Since FEDORA-2016-c0444d26e4 (sqlite) partially supercedes this update, I'd suggest rebumitting spatialite-tools-4.2.0-20.fc22 by itself

I'm experiencing symptoms matching bug #1317145

BZ#1317145 xorg-x11-server 1.18.2 freezes machine

After updating to this, koji builds are failing... in particular, all my buildSRPMFromSCM tasks fail, apparently due to an extra / in git url. Here's an example, : git clone -n git:// ... => fatal: remote error: access denied or repository not exported: //qt5-qtenginio

after a few hours and a suspend/resume cycle, now I'm experiencing symptoms matching bug #1317145 (but not as bad as before)

BZ#1317145 xorg-x11-server 1.18.2 freezes machine

bug #1317145 seems fixed for me, but I'll give it more time (tested only ~15 minutes so far) before giving karma one way or the other

I too see X seem to freeze for seconds at a time (even mouse doesn't move) in plasma session using intel driver. freeze was longest at initial login, for over 30 seconds.

Fwiw, did not experience these problems using modesetting driver (which I've been trying out of necessity due to regressions in previous intel driver update FEDORA-2016-606ca05253 )


works ok


works happily

in the meantime -1 too

Can you please revoke this or work to fix broken dependencies (like inkscape)?

BZ#1311259 CVE-2016-0739 libssh: bits/bytes confusion resulting in truncated Difffie-Hellman secret length [fedora-all]
BZ#1311332 libssh-0.7.3 is available

works well

BZ#1308932 conflicts with kdenlive