this update breaks ABI compared to openssl-1.0.2f-1.fc23.x86_64, qt5 (libQt5Network) now has unresolved symbols: symbol SSLv2_client_method, version not defined in file with link time reference (/usr/lib64/ symbol SSLv2_server_method, version not defined in file with link time reference (/usr/lib64/

the -libs subpkg split is probably missing an Obsoletes: sqlite < 3.11.0, upgrade path is broken

That's just how Obsoletes: tag works. plasma-workspace has Obsoletes: kde-runtime-kuiserver < 1:15.08.2 , and plasma-workspace-doc has Obsoletes: kde-runtime-docs < 1:14.12.3-2

Experiencing periodic plasma freezing similar (but at least not as severe) as those issues like bug #1193742 fixed when switched to using dri2.

Pushing this one stable for now (it's an improvement over the status quo). I subsequent update will come soon that includes kf5 support.

latest builds working great for me

BZ#1308932 conflicts with kdenlive

khalak, neither -kuiserver or -doc are intended to be installable when using plasma5. that's what dnf is trying to tell you. We provide those for users who wanted to continue using kde4 only.

This update has been unpushed.

Good point. We cannot simply replace kamera, we need to keep the kde4 kamera around for other kde4-based graphics applications like gwenview, digikam. Need to make a parallel-installable kf5-kamera I guess (stay tuned)

BZ#1242907 Wireless connection animation infinite loop
BZ#1285482 Cannot connect to a VPN having a self-signed certificate
BZ#1289709 latest plasma update "removes" favorite applications from kicker
BZ#1282261 5.4.3-1 update fails to load with missing symbol, causes kded5 to fail
BZ#1291058 (Panel) Sometimes opened application entries do not react to a single mouse clic

That's , but we can workaround it here too

hit similar video playback issues as others