The newer Qt5 libqtxdg introduces broken dependencies (libqtxdg-qt4 no longer exists), see bug #1282405

BZ#1282417 plasma system tray settings dialog broken

Are you sure your configured Xsetup file is referenced in your sddm.conf ? Note: recent sddm builds changed the default location of configurable files to /etc/sddm (rather than /usr/share/sddm/scripts, where modifications get lost on package updates)

please only give -1 if the update is worse or regressive on some way

BZ#1275273 include muon in kickoff favorites (instead of apper)

all swell

BZ#1256031 Editing application shortcuts doesn't work in kmenuedit
BZ#1222097 plasma-workspace depends on NetworkManager (RFE)

fyi, seems to be an upgrade path issue, esc-1.1.0-28.fc22 > esc-1.1.0-27.fc23

The other update inadvertantly depends on this one (apparently). As this is just a collection of libraries, it's hard to test this specifically... so my general advice would be to just verify related functionality (like kdepim, kdepim-runtime) continues to work as expected.

It's mostly an unrelated side-effect

Look closer, the one you referenced has kdepim, kdepim-runtime (not kdepimlibs as here)... or am I missing something?

The fix here includes only the kauth_helper parts, not the issue of nv not showing fonts. Sorry that wasn't clear.


fixes bug #1258216 for me

Re: broken dep, see comment "rdieter edited this update. New build(s): plasma-desktop-5.4.1-2.fc22.1. Removed build(s): plasma-desktop-5.4.1-2.fc22." This new one should be better, sorry for the initial error