This update has been unpushed.

fyi, the previous comment about kde bug 352294, should be resolved by mesa update,

I filed bug #1261034 for the dnf failure to pull in sddm-breeze on upgrades. For me, this works well.

working well


looks good to me


works great for me

konsole5-15.04.3-2.fc22.1 is the rebuild,, I'm just waiting for the current push to finish to update bodhi (here)

odd, starts fine for me after install, you sure you quit any already-running konsole instances, prior to installing and running the new build?


fixes bug #1252035

If you want feedback or questions answered, I'd suggest using our mailing list: bodhi feedback is... not ideal for that kind of thing.

my point is... did the speaker placement test ever work with plasma5? if so, when and with what version?

oxo, you sure that's a regression and not an already present bug? (for me, the speaker tests fails both before and after this update)

great here. oxo (and anyone else experiencing issues), please file bugs to document your issues, thanks.

jag, please comment in bug #1228779, and provide the output of: "kreadconfig5 --file=kdeglobals --group=KDE --key=LookAndFeelPackage" if possible. thanks.