prior builds used Qt private symbols. The problem is not yet fully understood (whether it is Qt and/or lxqt at fault here), but what is known is that rebuilding fixes it.

was able to reproduce the specific failure now, fixed calibre build on the way

I cannot reproduce any sort of calibre failure (starts ok for me), mind filing a bug so we can investigate further?

except for el7, the system lua is already 5.1, which is why your compat-lue-5.1.x conflicts and is getting negative feedback.


Error: Package: fedora-repos-anaconda-21-0.7.noarch (@updates-testing) Requires: fedora-repos = 21-0.7 Removing: fedora-repos-21-0.7.noarch (@updates-testing) fedora-repos = 21-0.7 Updated By: fedora-repos-21-1.noarch (updates-testing) fedora-repos = 21-1

can you add libqinfinity-0.6-0.1.20140920.fc21, and kte-collaborative-0.2.0-6.fc21 to this update please?

ok, looks like libqinfinity-0.6-0.1.20140920.fc21 got built already, good, I'll take care of kte-collaborative

abi/soname bump, breaks dependencies, including libqinfinity (and kte-collaborative).

thanks (I'd disabled the extra stuff for local testing, then forgot to put it back afterward, sorry). fixed builds on the way...

This update has been revoked, you can run, yum distro-sync to downgrade to the last known-good release (pulseaudio-5.0-10)

afleig, file a bug please (preferably upstream @, but not requried), including 'rpm -q pulseaudio' and '' output.


negative karma until libqtxdg is added

please add libqtxdg-0.5.3-4.el6 to this update (seems it won't let me do it, can you?)