If it matters, kde-sig does not generally use autokarma for larger updates. We greatly prefer to closely review all feeeback to allow us to decide what is best. I set a generally unreasonable value for unstable karma to avoid the possibility of this update being set to obsolete without our diligent input and review first.

kde-sig understands and accepts that private api is an issue, and that all fedora software that uses private api has been rebuilt and included in this update (save one, that's still FTBFS).

Qt's private api is not something we can support, so if third party software uses those, it's (mostly) on them and not (primarily) our responsibility.

I'm surprised then how -3 is working fine for me. <shrug>

Your assertion is incorrect, the latest build preserves sonames as far as I can tell.

Looks like x2goclient also needs rebuilding as well as it depends on the now-missing libssh_threads as well.

broken dep as prefiously reported, - package remmina-plugins-nx-1.2.0-0.51.20180408.git.6b62986.fc28.x86_64 requires, but none of the providers can be installed

This update has been unpushed.

texlive-base-20170520-35.fc28 upgrades OK, but it moves stuff to /usr/share/texmf.rpmmoved/tex/latex/R/

and now R-core reports missing files: rpm -qV R-core missing /usr/share/texmf/tex/latex/R


Confirmed bug #1581343 fixed with this build, thanks for the quick turnaround

This update has been unpushed.


same fedpkg traceback seen here too

I don't believe that message is fatal (I could be wrong). If you wish, you can install 'ofono' pkg to mitigate that.

The package should be following renaming guidelines, where 'dnf update' should pull in the newly named package

no rebuilds required (no api or abi changes)

OK, I'm just finding it hard to explain these reports as a side effect of the relatively small change implemented here (it efffectively sets 'exit-idle-time = 0' for managed sessions).

Are these issues regressions specific to this build (ie, compared to pulseaudio-11.1-7.fc27)? If not, commenting here about it is not constructive (bugzilla is ok and encouraged). It's not clear to me based on what's been said so far.