Works for me.

And even better.. i updated to the f38 version on a f37 system and it works flawlessly :)

BZ#2216916 unacceptable TLS certificate
BZ#2224128 meteo- is available



for me too

BZ#2170570 Please build ClamAV 0.103.8 for EL7
BZ#2171869 daily.cvd in clamav-0.103.8-1 fails md5sum by clamscan
Test Case ClamAV

works... if you don't forget to install the kernel-devel package alongside ;)

BZ#2161104 Kernel 6.1.5 - 6.2.0.alpha is missing VESAFB+EFIFB support, breaking the NVIDIA driver

QPWGraph works for me, but does not solve the issue. The author pointed on github, that the DE would be to blame, which highly unlikely as any other app in the tray does have icon and title. IMHO, the systemtray code is outdated. It will take some time before the author hopefully fixes this.

BZ#2139348 TrayIcon & Traytitle missing

works (x86_64)

BZ#2128443 Firefox 105.0.0 was released
Test Case firefox addons
Test Case firefox browse
Test Case firefox media

works for me

BZ#2125520 ERROR: supported-algorithms: brotli support not compiled in.

Tested on a fully deployed production system with vhost, php and a lot more ... WORKS.

Test Case HTTPd

2.4.50 has an incomplete Patch and IS NOT SHIPABLE

F33 needs a Build for 2.4.51

BZ#1996514 CVE-2021-33193 httpd: Request splitting via HTTP/2 method injection and mod_proxy [fedora-all]
BZ#2010554 httpd-2.4.50 is available
BZ#2010935 CVE-2021-41524 httpd: NULL pointer dereference via crafted request during HTTP/2 request processing [fedora-all]
Test Case HTTPd


Test Case firefox addons
Test Case firefox browse
Test Case firefox media

Thunderbird 91.x packages are missing the GERMAN language files. A lot of different languages are available, but german is missing. This is a KNOWN bug, that SHOULD BE fixed in 91.1 according to Mozilla, but it isn't.

works in generell

works on > 20 servers

push to stable asap the Qualsys has already posted the needed info to build exploits and we have more than 6 RCE as ROOT flaws.

BZ#1956859 exim-4.94.2 is available

85.0.4 <-- works.

Test Case firefox addons
Test Case firefox browse
Test Case firefox media

F32 Update works as promised.

BZ#1786583 liferea switched ui language partly from german to english

did not actually do something useful :( It didn't even create the testbottle under /opt/

Crash when switching to/from ui dark mode.