This fixes the white background issue for me, and seems to work.

BZ#1269892 [eclipse] text and icons are partially rendered on top of a white background.

Tested on f23 x86_64 VM. With this fix, eclipse-jgit no longer depends upon log4j and no symlink for geronimo-jms would be present.

Tested on F22 x86_64. This works for me. There are no broken symlinks in the /usr/share/eclipse/dropins/jgit folder and the log4j provider for slf4j is now gone.

BZ#1270621 Eclipse crashes on open with java issue(broken dependencies?)

This change seems to introduce the following behaviour : . I've actually reproduced this on Neon M1. Not sure whether we should consider this a no-go. It fixed Egit, but it breaks Mylyn.

Manually installed the specified build rpms and this worked for me. The commit dialog file paths show up now.

BZ#1255150 Changed files do not show up in egit commit dialog

This works for me. Was able to switch the workspaces to the new workbench without issues.

Tested this out (mainly jdt/pde) and seems to work pretty well for me.

Tested on an F22 VM and this works. Welcome screen is visible, platform plugins are resolving, and basic functionality seems to work. We'll need to deal with tooltip/dark background issues though.

This change works for me. All plugins are resolved and in proper state. Basic JDT functionality seems to work. I did notice that the dropdown buttons from the Console View weren't clickable (same as previous it seems), and the Welcome screen is empty. I could try this in an actual VM to confirm.

I've tested this myself and works as expected, so pushing to stable.

The webtools-servertools features are now under the proper dropins location. Tested on Fedora 21 x86_64 VM.


This fixed the broken symlink issue for me. (Tested on f21 x86_64 VM)

Tested on fedora-21-x86_64, and works for me. Was able to use the Marketplace Client to install an external plugin. Also can confirm that org.eclipse.epp.mpc.core is now marked as singleton.