This fixes gnone-control-center, thanks!

BZ#2129343 systemd returns an empty string for the chassis type

crash when start

@jpbn that's not super helpful. Can you link to a bugreport please.


This breaks builds using CircleCI due to the "gspawn doesn't set CLOEXEC if close_range fails unexpectedly" fix.

@collinjc: marking negative karma is a really unhelpful thing to do when a package update doesn't fix something that it's not claiming to fix. Every package update isn't expected to fix all the bugs. Like you said it's nothing fwupd can fix, your issue has to be fixed in shim.


This fixes pushing to gitlab, many thanks.

BZ#1881301 openssh-clients do not accept PubkeyAcceptedKeyTypes rsa-sha2-512/256

I can confirm this fixes the fwupd build failure. Thanks!

BZ#1751569 tpm2-tss 2.1.2 underlinking causing other packages to fail to build
BZ#1720149 flatpak-1.4.1 is available

Thanks for the testing, will fix upstream and resubmit.


This breaks installing flatpakref files in gnome-software:

Works for me, tested on XPS 13.

BZ#1514791 [abrt] gnome-software: g_str_hash(): gnome-software killed by SIGSEGV

I've fixed the unknown length message upstream, it's harmless so we can ignore it.

I'm just prepping a new fwupd release now.

This makes gnome-software crash when installing flatpaks. It needs 31ca19eb99dbd588a1995898ab1baf6cef2180d6 on top from flatpak before being pushed to Fedora.


This breaks gnome-software (and really, anything that tries to load files using gtk-pixbuf) and prevents it starting:

gnome-software: jas_stream.c:1044: mem_write: Assertion `ret == cnt' failed.

GtkPixbuf actually depends on the -1 buffer size to support auto-expanding the memory buffer at runtime, so changing the API by making the field unsigned breaks as GTK then tries to allocate a huge buffer.

Looks great, thanks.

BZ#1331122 f24-backgrounds-24.1.1 is available

Fixes the AppStream issue, thanks!