I can confirm this fixes the fwupd build failure. Thanks!

BZ#1751569 tpm2-tss 2.1.2 underlinking causing other packages to fail to build
BZ#1720149 flatpak-1.4.1 is available

Thanks for the testing, will fix upstream and resubmit.


This breaks installing flatpakref files in gnome-software:

Works for me, tested on XPS 13.

BZ#1514791 [abrt] gnome-software: g_str_hash(): gnome-software killed by SIGSEGV

I've fixed the unknown length message upstream, it's harmless so we can ignore it.

I'm just prepping a new fwupd release now.

This makes gnome-software crash when installing flatpaks. It needs 31ca19eb99dbd588a1995898ab1baf6cef2180d6 on top from flatpak before being pushed to Fedora.


This breaks gnome-software (and really, anything that tries to load files using gtk-pixbuf) and prevents it starting:

gnome-software: jas_stream.c:1044: mem_write: Assertion `ret == cnt' failed.

GtkPixbuf actually depends on the -1 buffer size to support auto-expanding the memory buffer at runtime, so changing the API by making the field unsigned breaks as GTK then tries to allocate a huge buffer.

Looks great, thanks.

BZ#1331122 f24-backgrounds-24.1.1 is available

Fixes the AppStream issue, thanks!


This breaks all applications using PackageKit, including offline updates and gnome-software: cannot download p/powertop-2.7-1.fc21.x86_64.rpm to /var/cache/PackageKit/metadata/updates/packages/: Cannot download p/powertop-2.7-1.fc21.x86_64.rpm: All mirrors were tried

This update has been unpushed