That update works.

Note that the clang compiler version 10.0.0, using llvm 10.0.1 from FEDORA-2020-e50fd340c1 is broken without this update: it miscompiles my programs.

BZ#1836114 tracer -it produces python traceback "AttributeError: 'str' object has no attribute 'decode'"
BZ#1841460 [abrt] python3-tracer: _load_package_info_from_hdr(): 'str' object has no attribute 'decode'

About the ABI change detected by the taskotron: the two functions CORE::BigRat CORE::operator/(const CORE::BigRat&, const CORE::BigRat&) and CORE::BigRat CORE::div_exact(const CORE::BigRat&, const CORE::BigRat&)are inline, so the ABI change cannot have an effect.

If you don't mind, yes, I would push to stable.

@churchyard: could it be that, by editing the update, you became the sole "owner" of it, even if the bodhi UI still mention only me?

Sorry for my empty comment. I no longer see anything in the Bodhi web UI that would allow me to request the push to stable, or to edit the update. What am I missing?

This update will have to wait for depending package to be rebuilt against it...

@dmossor: Do you have a bugzilla entry for that SELinux bug?


@frostyx I do not understand why you allowed that update to be pushed to F24 stable updates.

  • the QA automated tests failed: the upgrade path from F24 to F25 is broken (you need to push recent versions of tracer to F25 before you push them to F24),

  • the bug #1402520 should have been a blocker: I can no longer use tracer on my desktop machine.

... Well, that may be also my fault: I should have tested the update before the period of 7 days.

/usr/libexec/kscreenlocker_greet now works for me, with this update. I used this F25 build even though I run F24.

This update has been unpushed.

Does not work. Here is the issue, and the pull-request:


Works for me. I am in a KDE session, after a boot with 4.3.3-303.fc23.x86_64, one hour ago. Everything works, and nothing suspicious in the output of journalctl -b.

BZ#1298192 BUG: SELinux conditional policies are ignored for userspace object managers

Seems good.

BZ#1298192 BUG: SELinux conditional policies are ignored for userspace object managers

Susi, you are trying to push IQmol-2.5.1-1 in Fedora 21, but later versions of Fedora (22, 23, and rawhide) should have a more greater version. You need to build at least IQmol-2.5.1-1 for rawhide.