1920196 is fixed. no other issues

BZ#1920196 [abrt] pipewire-pulseaudio: pipewire-pulse killed by SIGSEGV

The default systemd preset for unlisted services (such as pipewire-pulse.socket) is disabled. Maybe report a bug against fedora-release-common? The file /usr/lib/systemd/user-preset/90-default-user.preset has a preset for PulseAudio, pipewire-pulse.socket could be added there as well.

I mean pipewire-pulseaudio does have something like that in the %postinstall but it doesn't seem to work.


Yeah it needs a systemctl --global enable pipewire-pulse.socket in the %postinstall for it to be a full drop-in replacement.

segfaults at startup

BZ#1820396 gnome-tweaks cannot open extension dialog preferences

Perfect. Thank you.

BZ#1679345 [RFE] Build transmission-gtk with libappindicator support