This package conflicts with f32-backgrounds-mate (not a major issue, but still).

Error: Transaction test error: file /usr/share/backgrounds/mate/default.xml from install of f32-backgrounds-mate-32.2.2-2.fc33.noarch conflicts with file from package f33-backgrounds-mate-33.0.4-1.fc33.noarch

BZ#1872445 conflict between MATE 33 wallpaper package dependencies

Seems functional, all the correct repos seem to be enabled, and I can install/remove the fedora-repos-rawhide* packages independently.

BZ#1878526 fedora-repos-modular-33-0.12 requires fedora-repos-rawhide

Please ignore my negative karma (see ), I can't reproduce the problem now. (I don't want to give a +1 yet since I haven't tested functionality, and I can't change karma to 0.)


This update not only allows but REQUIRES removing the fedora-repos-rawhide* packages, they should be independent (see ).

BZ#1876014 mozilla-noscript-11.0.42 is available
BZ#1870896 mozilla-noscript-11.0.41 is available
BZ#1867396 mozilla-ublock-origin-1.29.0 is available
BZ#1861922 mozilla-noscript-11.0.38 is available
BZ#1857445 mozilla-ublock-origin-1.28.4 is available

The new update doesn't have the failed test anymore, so once it or a later update is submitted for stable, it should actually get there. Thanks @adamwill!

This is extremely unlikely to actually get to stable. It will probably be ejected from the push because of the failed test, similar to FEDORA-2020-2d5b760af5 . There hasn't been a successful push in 2 months. Could someone look into why it's impossible for this to get to stable? Or at least explain why the failed test is required for F32 but not for F31? Will this affect F33?

Any idea why none of the F32 builds for this package are going to stable? I couldn't find any bug reports for container-selinux but that might be the wrong place to look. The problem currently only affects F32, F31 is fine.

BZ#1835275 mozilla-ublock-origin-1.28.2 is available
BZ#1841091 mozilla-noscript-11.0.34 is available

Couldn't help noticing all the ejects. I have container-selinux-2.135.0-1.fc32 installed from the morning of June 12. I don't have updates-testing enabled and never installed it manually, so it must have gotten into the stable repo, despite bodhi saying it was obsoleted. "dnf distro-sync" wants to downgrade to 2.132.0-1.fc32. The errors here look similar, so it's possible the same thing may happen to this update as well. Please try to determine why these errors are happening. Thanks.

@jherkel: See the above comment by @dimitrisk on the sound-related regression #1852564. (BTW, the link for Fedora-Flavored Markdown is dead.)

Confirming that dpdk-examples-19.11.1-3.fc32 is installable once dpdk-19.11.1-3.fc32 is installed. Have not tested functionality.

BZ#1841960 dpdk-examples-19.11.1-2.fc32 is uninstallable

Although I can confirm that the latest version of dpdk-examples is not installable. When I try, it wants to install the original release version and also downgrade dpdk and openvswitch.

Installing: dpdk-examples x86_64 2:18.11.6-1.fc32 fedora 804 k Downgrading: dpdk x86_64 2:18.11.6-1.fc32 fedora 3.1 M openvswitch x86_64 2.12.0-2.fc32 fedora 2.0 M Skipping packages with broken dependencies: dpdk-examples x86_64 2:19.11.1-2.fc32 updates 869 k

Giving a +1 since this version makes dpdk installable, and since it should have gone to stable by time. Haven't tested functionality.