@fszymanski: If you give +1 karma in a later comment, it will change your total karma from -1 to +1 (you don't have to leave it at -1 with a 0-karma comment).

Sorry, that last quote was from nirik on #fedora-admin.

@belegdol: This has been in testing now for 8 days and should be pushable, please see if it's possible. Thanks.

<nirik> there is a report that bodhi isn't adding the 'this can be pushed stable now' comment/email...

I filed #1380622 against bodhi for the bug that will prevent this update from ever getting to stable due to any comment cancelling a stable submission. Anyone who knows how to describe it more accurately, feel free to make changes. Thanks.

Looks like the subsequent +1 karma removed the stable submission. Can someone resubmit it manually?

@jayjayjazz: It's definitely in testing, see for example . Unfortunately it looks like bodhi is messed up and it's not going to stable by itself.

Comments no longer appear to trigger a stable request when the karma is high enough. Can someone who's already given a +1 try again to see if that works? I haven't tested so don't want to do it myself.

Works now without disabling gnome-shell extension version validation.

hhlp: Never mind, I got this confused with the F25/Rawhide version (which was recently updated to fix the problem). The F24 version appears to work fine.

hhlp: Presumably you had to disable gnome-shell version validation checking to make it work?

Latest shell version in metadata.json is 3.21.3, current gnome-shell version is

BZ#1335278 Review Request: mame - Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator

Fixes broken dep. Have not tested functionality.

BZ#1342335 NetworkManager-l2tp-gnome obsoletes wrong version of NetworkManager-l2tp

Please fix as soon as possible since this package is no longer installable (either NetworkManager-l2tp or NetworkManager-l2tp-gnome). #1342335 has been filed.

broken dep