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  • Fixes "GWeather-Message: Failed to get forecast data: 404 Not Found" command-line message from gnome-weather, and I get a forecast (with old version I got "Forecast not available").

    karma: +1
  • Not tested too extensively, but seems ok. This version works properly with --fas-username.

    karma: +1
  • @jpopelka: Did you try using the --fas-username option on the command line (as in "fedora-easy-karma --fas-username=jpopelka")? It's necessary for those of us whose FAS username is different from our local Fedora username (for example, my FAS username is "robatino" but my local Fedora username is "andre", so without the argument, f-e-k assumes my FAS username is "andre" and I can't log in to submit karma or comments). When I use the option, f-e-k crashes immediately with the above traceback.

  • [andre@localhost ~]$ fedora-easy-karma --fas-username=robatino Getting list of installed packages... Waiting for Bodhi for a list of packages in updates-testing (F21)... Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/bin/fedora-easy-karma", line 566, in <module> FedoraEasyKarma() File "/usr/bin/fedora-easy-karma", line 429, in init if self.options.ignore_own and update["submitter"] == fas_username: UnboundLocalError: local variable 'fas_username' referenced before assignment</module>

    karma: -1