Apologies for not noticing this earlier - my mock --postinstall workflow was temporarily broken for EL8.

This update fixes the issue - FEDORA-EPEL-2024-2139fb0f65

Works fine for building EternalTerminal, thanks

BZ#2277263 Please branch and build easyloggingpp in epel8

Works fine

BZ#2275888 gnome-shell-frippery-46.1 is available

Works fine for locally building Django 4.2 (it still has other missing dependencies). Thank you!

BZ#2274635 Please branch and build python-cx-oracle in epel9
BZ#2274830 Reinstate network service for Fedora 40

Disabling auto push based on karma so we can add an obsolete to fix upgrade path

BZ#2270095 pinentry-1.3.0 is available

LGTM, the failure seems unrelated and due to the license field not being SPDX (not sure why it shows up as 'a file shrank' multiple times).

BZ#1981180 libyui-gtk-2.52.3 is available
BZ#2271901 kiwi-10.0.10 is available
BZ#2271901 kiwi-10.0.10 is available

Installs fine

BZ#2271901 kiwi-10.0.10 is available

PEBKAC, I was installing only *.x86_64.rpm after recalling the mock invocation from my command line history.

BZ#2271901 kiwi-10.0.10 is available

Builds and installs fine

  - nothing provides dracut-kiwi-lib = 10.0.10-1.fc40 needed by dracut-kiwi-verity-10.0.10-1.fc40.x86_64

Installs and updates fine

BZ#2268441 kiwi-10.0.4 is available