Passes the expected set of system tests {root,rootless} x {local,remote}


Passes manually-run system tests


Passes the expected set of system tests (root, rootless) x (local, remote)


Passes manually-run test suite


LGTM. Passes test suite, root and rootless, normal and remote. (With a few forgivable exceptions)

LGTM - all tests passing, including podman. Current failures in this bodhi are the RELRO flake


Previous comment (shm lock manager) was due to a broken system, with /dev/shm not mounted and mode 700. After a reboot, tests pass cleanly. LGTM.


Has anyone tried rootless? Everything fails for me, even podman version:

Error: failed to get new shm lock manager: failed to create 2048 locks in /libpod_rootless_lock_1001: permission denied

Tests will never pass with the currently-in-use version of podman:

(Root cause: container-selinux update broke something that used to work)

@adamwill is there a way to restart/rerun this test? I can't reproduce the failure, and I know that has been a source of flakes for some years. When we do 'pull' in our tests, it's often with || (sleep 6;pull again).

see "automated tests" tab.

Specifically, the "update podman" test, eventually drilling down to this log file, which does indeed include a failure regarding, although I don't find the string manifest anywhere. @adamwill can you link to the exact log file you're looking at? I have no idea what these tests are, or who wrote them, or how to look at logs, or even how to read those unreadable logs.

FWIW tests pass for me on a 1minutetip f33 VM.

Or maybe it's selinux instead. Sure, can you try rerunning? I'm running tests on my end itm.

I was just looking at those. No, these aren't flakes. I'm pretty sure this is a kernel issue: between the last (successful) run and now, the kernel bumped, and something broke.

Podman LGTM. Buildah, though, is failing a lot of its system tests; and I can't figure out why, and I'm about to give up for the day.

LGTM, aside from some flakes which I've filed issues for.

@lsm5 nothing provides containers-common >= 4:1-21 needed by (even in updates-testing)

A disturbing number of flakes, but I'm going to ignore them. LGTM.


filtering in podman-remote is broken, filed #10715. Otherwise LGTM