LGTM: does not fail in 30 minutes of running reproducer.

Unfortunately, I never got a failure on f31 in 1.5 hour of running the reproducer with the previous crun -- so this is a poor test. I'm LGTMing because at least it doesn't break anything else, and because we desperately need this in CI.


No crashes in almost an hour of running the reproducer (with previous crun, crash occurred in ~30m). I call this good. Thank you @gscrivano


Passes podman system test suite, root and rootless.

Gating-test failure looks like being unavailable

@dwalsh can you try waiving the failed tests? Gating tests docs suggests that there's a way to waive via web UI, but I've never seen that, possibly because it can only be done by the owner (it's not clear if they mean package owner or build owner or bodhi owner).




Tests pass when run manually. LGTM.

Gating tests failed because of missing nc, a fix I made on f32 and rawhide but not f31. Fixed for next time.

passes podman-2.0.1-1.fc32 system tests, root and rootless. LGTM.

Passes podman-2.0.1-1.fc32 test suite, root & rootless. LGTM.

Passes (admittedly incomplete) test suite.

@ankursinha this build made it out by accident, but it was caught quickly and replaced by the -2 build. The bug only affected shortnames ("podman pull foo", vs "podman pull registry/name/foo").

@jimtahu I've filed podman issue 6629. Thank you for reporting this.

Confirmed. With oci-umount-2:2.5-4.gitc3cda1f.fc32, podman fails as follows:

# podman run alpine date
Error: error setting up OCI Hooks: parsing hook "/usr/share/containers/oci/hooks.d/oci-umount.json": unrecognized hook version: ""

This is a regression: podman-2:1.9.3-1.fc32 succeeds with and without oci-umount installed.

dnf remove oci-umount makes podman work again.

LGTM - passes gating tests (manually invoked, since Fedora CI seems to be down). -1 karma is for reasons explained above.


The ongoing CI outage worries me. However, I ran skopeo and podman gating tests manually - all pass. I confirmed that pulling alpine (shortname) works. @ankursinha PTAL


@tomsweeneyredhat /etc/containers/registries.conf comes from containers-common rpm which == skopeo


Confirmed. This containers-common has a bad registries.conf.


Passes system tests and simple manual tests with podman-1.9.2-1.fc31