ah , should pull only python3 that is what you mean ? Maybe you found one bug ... Thanks

(correction) Thanks for testing and report

Thanks for testing

BZ#1323025 shp2pgsql does not work

works better than version 0.6.0

analitza wasn't yet in repos but I think cantor and kalgebra also need be rebuild

Qt 5.12 in general works great

No regressions noted

Therefore please consider pushing this update again to testing , bodhi let you do that . Thanks


unpushing this updates made package be removed from updates-testing , branched is now with qt5-5.11 [1] and not with qt5-5.12 as you expect I think

hum , now qt5-5.12 is not in any repo (base , updates or updates-testing)

dnf distro-sync will downgrade to qt5-5.11

akonadi and kdepim are broken deps and need to be rebuild against qt5.12 .

So far works very well .

works for me too

BZ#1674164 git-extras-4.7.0 is available

can we unpush this update ? current devscripts is devscripts-2.18.4-1.fc28.x86_64

fixes the transaction error

BZ#1669800 /usr/share/kf5/sonnet/ conflicts

Big regression ext4 file system corruption ->

This just hit Slashdot: "According to a text file uploaded on GitHub, Saint Petersburg-based researcher Sergey Zelenyuk has found a chain of bugs that can allow malicious code to escape the VirtualBox virtual machine (the guest OS) and execute on the underlying (host) operating system."

One example article:


His github repo has the technical details. He shows how you can create a console shell to start on the host by using a buffer overrun in the guest:

The "disgruntled security researcher" part is difficult to read and understand due to broken English. More info is available on his github page.