This update has been unpushed.

After 9 months of updates-testing , I think we should push it to updates ! , may I push it ?


No regressions noted

BZ#1644430 akmods --force produces packages for wrong architecture (armv7l instead of armv7hl)
yum install python-zmq

installs sclo-cassandra3-zeromq instead zeromq, because [1] maybe we should add explicit Requires: zeromq to python-zmq


rpm -q sclo-cassandra3-zeromq --provides
sclo-cassandra3-zeromq = 4.1.6-7.el7
sclo-cassandra3-zeromq(x86-64) = 4.1.6-7.el7

rpm -q zeromq --provides
zeromq = 4.1.4-6.el7
zeromq(x86-64) = 4.1.4-6.el7
BZ#1701767 Please add a python36-pillow and python36-pillow-devel package
BZ#1707916 nothing provides needed by sflphone-daemon-1.4.1-32.fc29.x86_64

On F29 we don't have this problem hopefully .

pygame also is in the way : FEDORA-EPEL-2019-02008e7514

we need rebuild those packages, anyway Autopush is disable and I not intend to push it to stable . libprojectM -3 needs GLSL >= 2 or OpenGL ES 3 [1] , I need to check it on OpenGL ES 2 systems

[1] glxinfo| grep -i GLSL

sometimes after big upgrades and reboot I have to kill kmix and run it again to detect the correct channels . Maybe was just caches .


+1 for updating

ah , should pull only python3 that is what you mean ? Maybe you found one bug ... Thanks

(correction) Thanks for testing and report

Thanks for testing

BZ#1323025 shp2pgsql does not work

works better than version 0.6.0